Pierre-Elliott Thiboud


Little A.I.

For my internship at the LIRIS (a french computing research laboratory) in the SMA team (Systèmes Multi-Agents), I have to recreate a web version of the Little A.I. game (only available on the Apple Store for now).


It’s a very simple game which expands the basic rules of Shifumi to make it more challenging.

For now, you can only play against the computer (who plays randomly).
But I plan to add a multiplayer mode.

Solar System

This is a “simulation” (absolutely not realistic, for now…) of our Solar system.

There are still some annoying bugs (it doesn’t rescale with the window) but you can zoom by scrolling and move the camera (a little bit) with the keyboard’s arrows.

Paint Online

The goal is to have a Paint-like online tool. Not something really complex (just as the Windows’ one), but with enough features to make it useful and useable.

For now, you can change the thickness of the pen, change its color, have an eraser (its basically a white color pen) and erase the entire drawable area.

There will be more to come…

About myself

I am 21 years old and am actually finishing a DUT Informatique (a 2 year diploma in computing). I’m french and live in Lyon for my studies.

I am fond of web technologies and like to create things (no matter what they are)

Here is my Curriculum Vitae (in French)